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Basic Gardening Tips


Mulch Your Garden Beds:

Mulch helps retain moisture for your plants, suppresses weeds and acts as an insulator in winter months.


Water Properly:

Morning or evening is best as it allows plants to utilize more water and the water won't evaporate on hot days.  

Deep water so plants can develop a deep, strong root system.

Roses dislike their foliage being watered. Water them at the base and their will be less of a chance for powdery mildew and other problems.


Fertilize Your Lawn and Plants:

N=Nitrogen & produces strong, sturdy foliage.

P=Phosphorous & helps roots and flowers to grow and develop.

K=Potassium & is important for overall plant health.


Prune Trees, Shrubs & Perennials:

Pruning plants helps overall plant health.

By removing dead, dying or diseased branches pruning helps maintain a healthy plant.

It stimulates new growth and new blossoms.







Nebraska Panhandle Zone

Know your growing zone to help prevent winter kill!

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