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About Paige's Posies LLC

Paige has an education in horticulture and has been in the gardening, landscaping, and nursery business most of her life.  She also completed an internship at The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Ireland.


While in Ireland she learned how to apply a variety of gardening techniques and learned about plants that are found all over the world. She is still continuing to learn about the very broad plant base that horticulture has to offer and applies her knowledge and advice to her Nebraska & Wyoming clients.  


Paige is a member of the The American Horticulture Society.  She also enjoys experimenting with new and upcoming plant material in order to meet the changing needs of her clients from season to season.

She has knowledge in hardy plant material as she resided in Alaska for 17 years. Paige worked with a high end landscape company in Alaska and started her own business. She catered to clients residentially and commercially in landscape gardening & maintenance, planter bed design/install and horticulture consulting.

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